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About Executive Coaching

 It's not only for executives.

Coaching is an approach to professional and personal development in any field.

Helping to raise awareness of self and others, set goals, clarify objectives, and unlock potential. While also acting as a sounding board for current and future ideas. 

Available for individuals and groups 

For Individuals 

  • Gain Awareness: With a bit of research and keen observations a profile will be created outlining personal and/or professional strengths and weaknesses organized into themes to help identify key growth areas. Similarly, profiles for the individuals most influential in your life and/or career will be created to help apply learned discernment filters, gain independence, and make accurate perceptions. 

  • Goals & Objectives: Setting realistic short-term and long-term goals is an important part of success. However, so is clarifying the objectives needed to reach those goals. One can look at this as a sort of "roadmap" to being where you'd like to be, and a coach is there to help organize your thoughts and ideas. 

  • You will learn how to apply this information, opening you up to new ways of responding to situations, the ability to utilize existing strengths and gain new ones, build healthier relationships, and reach your set goals. 

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For Groups

  • Each group member will receive an individual coaching personal and/or professional coaching plan.

  • In addition, assistance in creating a group plan will also be provided. A group plan would include such things as, company goals and objectives, how each member would be responsible to help achieve those goals, what strengths each member brings to the table, and how to utilize those strengths. Producing a less stressful and more efficient working environment. 

  • Groups are defined as any number of people working together toward a common cause; for-profit, nonprofit, bands, new start-ups, families, etc

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